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Act 20.305 - April 24, 1973 - Buenos Aires – Argentina

The profession is ruled by Act 20305 dated April 24, 1973

A sworn translator is the person who has received an academic degree or has been awarded a certificate of higher education in proof of completion of  university studies.
Every document in a foreign language to be submitted before official, judicial or administrative  bodies or agencies shall be annexed a sworn translation in the national language or viceversa. A sworn translator is empowered to certify the correctness of translations of documents translated by the translator himself or by another translator.

Pursuant to Section 10, Paragraph D of Act 20305, the Colegio de Traductores Publicos de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (Sworn Translators Association of the City of Buenos Aires) shall annex a certification stating that the signature and seal affixed to the translated document match the specimen signature and seal of the Sworn Translator whose name is subscribed to the attached translation, as such specimen signature and seal are kept on file in their office. No certification is valid without the stamp on the last page of an attached translation.

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